My life saviour…


These are some stuff I am eating these days.  Unfortunately for me I have got a very bad tendonitis on both of my shoulders, the left worse than the right one, that is not allowing me to workout to the max of my capabilities, I am very limited, I can only do lower body and cardio that do not involve any upper body movement.  Luckily for me I love biking and the static bike does not bore me, I have one at in the middle of my living room.

I am not motivated at all.  I was planning to do at fitness show this year but due to this injury I can’t do it, it will have to wait a bit longer.  Being very active has a price and it is to have to go through many injuries and the worse part of it, it can depress you big time.

My nutrition HAS to be on point, I cannot be eating the same amount of calories I normally eat, 3000-3500, that has changed in the last couple of weeks.  My 30 days program with Isagenix has started in a very serious way and those 3 super-amigos are my best friends these days.


This baby above has been giving me some energy before a hard leg workout, it wakes me up and motivates me to lift heavier.  The taste… hmmmm to me, terrible, is it good? Yes it is.  We all know many things we eat or drink are not so tasteful but we take them anyway, this is my case with the e+ shot. 30 mins before my workout.



The delis Isalean, perfect! 36 grms of protein, my fav is chocolate, in the photo you can see what other things it has, it’s great to replace a meal, I, for the next few weeks, will replace my breakfast and dinner.  I know what most of you might be thinking, is he crazy? I am not! I add other stuff to bump up the calories, usually I add 2 tsp of chia seed, 1-2 tsp of peanut butter or half avocado and in the morning I add half cup of cooked steel cut oat meal.  This keep me full until my next meal, my mid morning snack.  But I am not talking about snacks on this post, that I will post something else and tell you all what my favs are!

When I am on the go, I like to bring this baby with me….

DSC_3174This protein bar is 18 grams or delish protein, I try not to eat it very often because I find it very sweet, I much rather have some egg whites than this, but it is great when I am in between clients, it gives me enough time to get to my lunch or my dinner.

I am keeping my weight on check, my nutrition on point! when I start a training session I always ask my clients, What did you today or what did you have for dinner and they better tell me the truth, they know that I preach good nutrition all the way to have great results.

Hope you enjoy this post and have a great week.  If you have any questions about these products do not hesitate to ask, send me an email




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